LuxConnect won an award in one of the most competitive categories “Service Provider Data Centre” during the gala dinner of DataCenter Dynamics in London on 7th December 2016 beating off international competition from Qatar, Spain and the UK.

The unique multi-tier data centre DC 1.3 is the newest of four facilities at LuxConnect in Luxembourg.
The business objective for the project was to build the most robust resilient data centre on the market to protect client servers from every possible eventuality.

DC 1.3 was designed, built and operates to Tier lV. The data centre has been certified by the Uptime Institute for Design and Constructed facility, uniquely as Tier ll and lV within the same building, with Tier III certification ongoing. This gives client the opportunity to use Tier ll rooms for less critical applications and Tier lll or lV rooms for very critical applications, tailoring a solution in this way saves cost.

DC1.3 has 5500m2 net IT space in a building totalling 25000m2 with 2 x 10MVA feeds. It is a stand-alone facility with high security within a complex with 2 other Luxconnect data centres in Bettembourg. Beside multi-tier, LuxConnect can offer different types of power densities and is flexible in terms of server space.

LuxConnect’s project engineers were also very concerned by environmental matters. Electrical and mechanical equipment selected not only on price but primarily on best available efficiency.

The cooling of the servers is mainly done by free cooling. Only on the warmer days in the summer is the cooling supplemented by very efficient water free chillers.

The UPS and transformers have been carefully designed and optimized to support variable loads and capacities at the lowest possible energy consumption levels, without impacting data centre operations.

Supplementary heating to offices and plant rooms is done by recovering the waste heat from the servers. All LuxConnect’s data centres run on low cost certified green energy to reduce carbon footprint.

LuxConnect work through partners and many of their clients are financial institutions so the data centres are a combination of clients demands and wanting to be ‘best in class’ in the European co-location market. Luxembourg is a first class central location in Europe with excellent low latency connectivity to all major European Internet hubs and has highly competitive energy pricing. The government is very supportive of the ICT sector and Luxembourg with world’s first ‘data reversibility’ law is one of the world’s safest locations to store data.

Data centre DC 1.3 is a clear example of how with careful consideration one facility can offer multiple levels of infrastructure design and with Luxembourg as a first class location, your data ‘feels at home’.