Luxembourg – November 24th, 2017 – LuxConnect received its ESR Label or “Corporate Social Responsibility” Label during the ceremony organised by the INDR at the Chamber of Commerce. Among the 35 luxemburgish labeled companies, 19 received the ESR Label for the first time and 16 renewed it for another three years. Since the creation of the company in 2006, LuxConnect acts in compliance with the general principles of corporate social responsibility, whether at the economic, social or environmental level.

LuxConnect acts as a facilitator. In line with its mission received by the State, LuxConnect actively supports the development of the ICT sector in Luxembourg and thus of the national economy and ultimately of the overall well-being of the population.

LuxConnect adopts a fair attitude towards its clients and suppliers. This approach is more specifically reflected in the application of the public procurements regulation as well as in the application of the transparency and non-discrimination principles in its business relations.

The procurement policy of LuxConnect seeks to support local suppliers and fair trade.

With regard to human resources, the CSR policy of LuxConnect aims at increasing the motivation and satisfaction of its employees through a fair wage policy, respect of employee rights, access to training and a healthy work environment. The company’s social commitment is reflected by notably through a low absenteeism rate because of illness.

As a major energy consumer, LuxConnect is fully aware that its action has a considerable environmental impact. Efficient and sustainable use of natural resources combined with a reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases are therefore the company’s priority goals.

In this sense LuxConnect exclusively uses electricity from renewable resources with the objective to minimize its carbon footprint. Furthermore, cooling a data center with a heat absorption system from wood waste incineration reduces CO2 emissions to zero.

As a social responsible actor, LuxConnect supports the actions of local communities and participates in training, soft mobility and renaturation initiatives.