Ahead of the General Assembly, the Board of Directors of LuxConnect S.A. approved last year’s results as well as the investment plan and budget for 2021. The Bettembourg-based company has managed to improve its position as a key player in the Luxembourg ICT sector and as a major operator in the Data Center business with nearly 15.000 square meters of net surface dedicated to server rooms. The occupancy of the Data Centers increased by 10% in 2020 and LuxConnect renewed partnerships with key private and public customers.

LuxConnect also further invested in the Dark Fiber network and deployed 1.700 km of Dark Fiber in total as of December 2020. LuxConnect continues to play an important facilitator role for the ambitious ICT and broadband strategy of the Luxembourg government in the broader context of a data-driven economy. The investment in the further rollout of the fiber network will remain a priority and the Board of Directors thus approved an investment budget of 2,5 mio Euro for 2021.

The Board of Directors also unanimously approved the appointment of Paul Konsbruck as new Chief Executive Officer, following Roger Lampach’s resignation as CEO.

Paul Konsbruck is currently a senior government official within the Ministry of State with a proven experience in leadership, organisation and project management. He serves as a board member to several key players in the country’s economy and was a board member of LuxConnect for several years.

Roger Lampach will remain part of the LuxConnect family and will further concentrate on his role as co-CEO of LuxProvide S.A., the Luxembourg HPC operator and 100% subsidiary of LuxConnect.

Ed Wangen, former CEO and current Chairman of LuxConnect’s Board of Directors, underlines: “Paul Konsbruck is a perfect match for the company, he has shown that he has a very clear vision of LuxConnect’s potential as a neutral enabler for the country’s ICT sector and digital economy. He is the right person to bring the company to the next level, by further investing in state-of-the-art infrastructure and acting as an important facilitator for the Luxembourg ICT and broadband strategy.” Paul Konsbruck will join the company on October 1st 2021.

Ed Wangen also thanked Roger Lampach for his dedication throughout his professional career at LuxConnect: “Roger is more than the CEO and former CTO of LuxConnect. He played an essential role in launching the company and was part of the executive team since the beginning. He has been a cornerstone of the company ever since and LuxConnect would not be the company it is today without the professionalism, commitment and enthusiasm that Roger has been showing during all those years.”

As part of the executive team, LuxConnect also recently hired Vincent Weynandt as new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). With his proven experience as an electrical engineer and intensive know-how in managing large-scale projects, Vincent Weynandt oversees operations within both the Data Center and Dark Fiber business units and leads LuxConnect’s multidisciplinary team of dedicated engineers and technicians.